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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lockdown: Escape from Furnace by Alexander Gordon Smith

This is not a story you read before you turn out the lights to go to sleep. It’s not because the story is scary. This book is an adrenaline rush that I devoured in two days (when I should have been getting my beauty sleep).

Alex Sawyer, fourteen-year-old petty criminal in the UK has been framed for murdering his best friend—another petty criminal. For this crime, he is sent to Furnace, the new penitentiary that has been created for the most hardened juvenile delinquents. In fact, as the gang violence became more bloody, the prison became more populated. Now, however, teens are being framed by odd men in black suits with silver eyes and are being sent to Furnace in an alarming number. Unfortunately, if a person is sent to Furnace, it’s for life, so if a person dies in the first couple of days, it’s just not that big a deal. The rules are carefully policed by inhuman jailers, and there is some speculation that the warden is Satan. It’s a survival of the fittest mentality, and into this, Alex is dumped. The vestiges of Alex’s humanity, however, cause him no small amount of attention and potential grief. The book is gory, violent, and action packed. There is little profanity. It just isn’t necessary. Readers become so quickly engaged that the story relentlessly propels them along, and ends abruptly. But wait. . .there’s a sequel that is already being advertised.

NOTE: This book has been nominated as a 2010 YALSA Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers--is anyone surprised?


  1. I have to read this....maybe before the 20 books on my table! lol

  2. Krys Hyatt-TansillApril 6, 2010 at 4:36 PM

    The first time I picked up this book I was hooked... If you love thrillers, this is a book for you. The first words in this book are,"IF I STOPPED RUNNING I KNEW I WAS DEAD"... I am a person who hates to read, and i would read this book over and over again, and i have told many other people to read it. It gets a 10 out of 10