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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Run Baby Run by Nicky Cruz

Life isn't easy when you are one of eighteen kids.  It isn't easy when your father is a voodoo spiritualist and your parents make a living with magic and casting out demons.  It is especially not easy when your mother says that you are the Son of Satan. . .not her son. 

Nicky Cruz had lots of reasons to be filled with anger and hatred.  He brought that anger to New York where he quickly became the leader of a gang so bloodthirsty that even the New York Police were afraid of them.  Finally, Nicky was brought before a judge who told him that he was either going to have to change his life or he would be in prison or dead. 

Gang warfare isn't new.  The Bloods and Crips weren't the first.  This book tells how David Wilkerson, the one courageous man who chose to share God's love with Nicky even going to Nicky's turf to do it, introduced Nicky Cruz to a radical life change. 


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  1. I loved this book! It really caught my attention because it's a Christian book. The author is also the main charicter and all he is telling about is his life story as a gangster and how he came to Christ. If you read this book, you should kinda go over the chapters a couple of times and read about when he comes to Christ because it tells the Bible's meaning of gospel. So check out the book--it's really good.