A book is like a baby. . .it doesn't matter how ugly it is,
the mom/writer is still going to love it.

You won't find snarky reviews here.

What you'll find in this blog are books that teens
who hate reading are reading. . .and liking.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Flash Burnout by L. K. Madigan

Blake is a regular fifteen/sixteen year old guy going to school in Portland, Oregon.  He is going out with the lovely and talented Shannon, but still can't believe he could be that lucky.  His world changes when he takes a picture of a woman who has passed out on the street in Old Town.  Who would have guessed that the strung out woman would be the mother of a friend of his in his Photo class?

Now Blake is sucked into the world of Marissa.  Marissa is living with her grandma because of her mom's meth habit.  When she sees Blake's picture, she begs him to help her find her mother.

So what happens when a guy starts hanging out with a "girl" friend?  Especialy when he already has a girlfriend?  The rumor mill starts grinding away, creating drama where there shouldn't be any drama.  What will happen if he messes up?  How long can Shannon believe there's nothing going on between Blake and Marissa?  What will she do when she sees the pictures?

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